Architectural poster no. 46
Den Blå Planet by 3XN architects

The Blue Planet is Europe’s largest and most significant aquarium with an outstanding location on the shores of Øresund, only eight kilometres from the Copenhagen City Hall Square. The building is inspired by the whirl streams of the sea, shoals of fish, and swirling starlings turning the sky black. Inspired by the sea, the Danish National Aquarium is shaped like a gigantic whirlpool, clearly visible for travellers arriving by plane at the nearby Copenhagen Airport. The façade is covered in small diamond-shaped aluminium plates, which adapt to the building’s organic form and - like water - mirrors the colours and light of the sky, giving the building an ever-changing expression. On the ground, the building’s distinctive shape ‘pulls’ visitors from the outside into its interior where its shape supports intuitive navigation, logical division of exhibitions and effective distribution of spectators.
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