Museum of Architecture
Partial refurbishment and wayfinding system
Wrocław, Poland
Short rescription:
Low-cost, simple and clear wayfinding system is a core for partial refurbishment of existing post-bernardine building from XV century functioning as a Museum of Architecture (in polish: Muzeum Architektury) in Wroclaw, Poland. Elements of wayfinding system are essential for general architectural idea/solutions aimed to harmonize and link diverse areas of museum which - in lesser or greater extend – need renovation or reconstruction planned for the near future. Signage design has is decisive element when connecting spaces and people, going beyond orientation skills in order to create a deeper sensorial experience.
Architecture: Piotr Zybura, Iga Peruga
Cooperation: Aleksandra Górecka, Olga Horwat, Paweł Szyport, Marcin Tobiasz
Wayfinding system: Marian Misiak & ARCH_IT in cooperation with KOLEKTYF
Photo: Maciej Lulko
II nd prize in Visible Museum Competition 2015 for wayfinding and identification system
II nd prize in Lowersilesian Architecture Festival 2015
honorable mention and nomination for main special prize in Beautiful Wroclaw XXV competition
Published in: 
New Signage Design - Connecting People & Spaces (Sandu Publishing Co., Limited ISBN 9788415967279)
Wayfinding Design in the Public Environment (Images Publishing,  ISBN: 9781864706338)

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